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since i’m not the greatest at uploading pictures to flickr/picassa/facebook, i wanted to share some of the story-telling pictures i’ve taken with all of you over my blog. i hope that this will allow me to share some of the memories and stories from life with all of you in a different forum. enjoy!

tuesday, march 30, 2010

half dome - yosemite, ca - june 2006

i guess yosemite will always be one of those places that i will never tire of going to. while half dome (shown above) is probably its most recognized feature, all the streams, peaks, and meadows are part of that national park charm. perhaps what crosses my mind the most when i see this particular picture of half dome is how it was the first time i realized how calming and rejuvenating being truly outdoors was. definitely wish to do more camping in the future!

tuesday, january 12, 2010

march 2009, oahu, hawaii

i know i’ve been on a hiatus with this page for a long time. and in a seeming blink of an eye, it’s already 2010. sunsets are one of those images that remain timeless for me and that i grow to love more and more with each one. this one is from oahu, hawaii on a fine, march evening cruising down the highways that curved through rain and sun.

wednesday, may 6, 2009

december 2004, riverside, ca

december 2004, riverside, ca

i don’t know — there was something about this photo that i just liked. taken on a random day in southern california at that time of day when there seems to be no distinction between dusk and memories.

tuesday, may 5, 2009

august 2007 - washington, district of columbia

august 2007 - washington, district of columbia

i recently read a book called the nine, which has really piqued my interest and given me a deeper sense of appreciation for one of the three branches of power in our government — the supreme court. this is a picture of the quietly assertive building. although it doesn’t show the steps which this building is perhaps best known for (i’ll probably feature one with the steps on another date), it is a structure whose simplicity does not always mirror the deeply controversial decisions that are pondered over within its columns. hope to return to it someday!

monday, may 4, 2009

january 2009 - washington, district of columbia

january 2009 - washington, district of columbia

despite having lived in dc for a summer, inauguration and the spirit that surrounded it in january was something so refreshing. what i like about this picture is that i think it captures the hopes and aspirations people had that week for the nation, for their communities, and for themselves. this was at the concert on january 18, two days before president obama was sworn in as the 44th president of the united states. despite chilly winds and large crowds, i don’t think anyone was disappointed at being there for the making and shaping of a significant piece of history.

sunday, may 3, 2009


February 2008 - Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana

A quick weekend getaway to New Orleans, Louisiana for Mardi Gras. Parades are a highlight of the event, and usually the most fun kids have. 🙂 Goodies are thrown out to the crowd by those on floats, and included necklaces, coins (a collector’s item apparently), and of course, beads. My friends and I ended up at the Tucks parade which was huge (at least an hour) but apparently there are even bigger ones throughout the week (?) of celebrations.

saturday, may 2, 2009

jiu zai gou, sichuan, china | november 2005

jiu zai gou, sichuan, china | november 2005

winter wonderland … this is jiuzaigou, one of the most beautiful places on earth in my opinion, in november 2005. sitting in the mountains of sichuan, it kind of borders tibet and the only people who actually live in this beautiful area are tibetans. i heard it’s a place that changes in its beauty with every season. tourism there was really affected by the may earthquakes that shook sichuan last year, but hopefully tourism will resume again soon.

friday, may 1, 2009

turpan, xinjiang, china - october 2005

turpan, xinjiang, china - october 2005

this is one of my favorite shots in one of my favorite places. the girl was so adorable and had a great smile. she is part of the uyghur group, who live predominantly in xinjiang in northwest china, often considered “china’s last frontier.” while they have a bad rep in most of china, i found the uyghur to be extremely hospitable, approachable, and just good people. the clothes that she is wearing are in traditional uyghur fashion with mixed dyes.  we met her in turpan, one of the hottest areas in china, and while she didn’t speak mandarin so we couldn’t communicate, her smile and bubbly nature has made her one of the individuals i will always remember from my trip to xinjiang.

thursday, april 30, 2009

de young museum, san francisco, ca - february 2009

de young museum, san francisco, ca - february 2009

went to the deYoung museum when the chihuly exhibit came through — what fantastic art! i love dale chihuly and his ability to create such exquisite art from blown glass, especially when it cathces the right lighting. the bellagio in las vegas has a great collection of his work as well. definitely worth a visit, and certainly explained the sold-out exhibit almost every weekend it was here in san francisco.

wednesday, april 29, 2009

遇龙河 (yulonghe) 阳朔 (yangshuo), china - october 2008

遇龙河 (yulonghe) 阳朔 (yangshuo), china - october 2008

yulonghe is in yangshuo, china, and while it’s not as famous as nearby lijiang, i actually enjoyed the bamboo rafting experience down this river more. one of the many memorable parts of china. i went with a few friends i made on the cruise ride to yangshuo and arrived after a bumpy ride through some farms which included seeing lots of chickens! our rafter was really great, and the scenery was just breathtaking. it felt really surreal floating down the river in the middle of rural china. there were these makeshift photo stations along the way too just floating in the water. hopefully, the beauty, serenity and calm of this place will remain for years to come.

tuesday, april 28, 2009

bird's nest (鸟巢), beijing, china - november 2008


on my most recent trip to beijing, the bird’s nest was somewhere i had to go. a friend i had met in guilin showed me around and we saw the costumes they used during the opening ceremony on exhibit. while it would have been really amazing to have been there in august, it was pretty cool standing on the same turf three months later. i wonder how much more beijing will change the next time i’m back …

monday, april 27, 2009

san francisco, california - may 2008

san francisco, california - may 2008

when the torch relay for the olympics came to san francisco, it really was in true san francisco style. the activists, the protesters, the patriots, the curious … all were lined on the streets to see the passing of what had already been a controversial relay (the torch had just come from paris, where riots broke out on the streets). it reminded me of the importance of solid communication and mutual understanding.

sunday, april 26, 2009

Pinnacles National Monument - Spring 2005

Pinnacles National Monument - Spring 2005

This place was so gorgeous, not in the magnificent instant awe factor way that the Grand Canyon or Niagara Fall draws, but in a much quieter way that you grow to appreciate the longer you stay  — and my friend and I saw a double rainbow the day we went! We didn’t know it when we first decided to go but it’s a great rock climbing place as well — nature at its best.

saturday, april 25, 2009

sea world | san diego, california - july 2008

sea world | san diego, california - july 2008

saw some of my favorite animals on the planet during a visit with friends last summer. the day had started out overcast enough but quickly gave way to sunny skies — my friend and i took advantage of this and sat in the splash zone, which included trying to take perfectly timed pictures.

friday, april 24, 2009

Pentagon Memorial - January 2009

Pentagon Memorial - January 2009

In January, a trip to getting a replacement Metro ticket ended up with a visit to the Pentagon Memorial. It felt pretty surreal walking against the cold DC air, with the highway a few hundred meters away. A reminder of the events that had transpired, and a tribute to those who have come and gone, and the hopes of a nation before the beginnings of a new administration.


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  1. Jay

    I love the pictures and stories Wendy =) Take some shots of your mission cafe-wandering days too!

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