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Change Is the Only Constant

It’s been woefully long since I’ve updated this blog — more out of lack of time (and okay, just not sitting down and doing it) than forgetfulness and not thinking about it.  This doesn’t mean that a lot hasn’t happened in the past few months and year, and really, quite the opposite. 

Events are a funny thing and it’s always interesting to think about those moments that give us pause and push us to reflect on what’s happened. Tonight, after excitedly moving to Seattle and buying a car for the next four months that I’ll be here, my co-founders and I subsequently crashed said car in an accident that albeit we had not fault in, left us car-less and a few bruises worse for the wear (thankfully everyone is okay). 

Everyone says that entrepreneurship is a journey of highs and lows, and how true that is.  To think that just four months ago, we would meet over a Facebook recommendation, go on to launch a Kickstarter campaign that ranks in the top 0.5% of all campaigns on Kickstarter to date, leave the path less traveled to try and build something of our own, to moving to Seattle at the blink of an eye to join a Microsoft accelerator for four months — if you had asked me where I would be come fall at the beginning of the year, this probably would not have made it to the top of the list, or even the middle.

But events can be funny like this, and by now, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise. As much as we like to plan (and I’m not one that’s particularly fond of planning, preferring instead to prepare for situations of mediated serendipity like this), change is still the only constant to rely on. 

For me, especially as both myself and my team go into that ever-so-critical stage of any startup that is fundraising, it’s a reminder/lesson that whatever successes and wins we’ve had, staying humble, working our butts off, constantly being open to feedback — especially from our customers, balancing that feedback against our values/vision, and being prepared for change are constant principles that will never go away.  

I’m sure that the next four months will bring even more change than what I can imagine. And that’s something I’m looking forward to and can only work hard to make sure we can be as ‘lucky’ as possible. And in between, I’ll try to update this as much as I can — as much social networks like Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn exist to make us more connected, nothing has ever really quite replaced the written word for me in the absence of actual face time. 


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