Q4 Goals

Looking at the calendar, it’s already almost 9/30 … almost October, and the last quarter of 2013.  There’s a funny thing with time – in the moment, it can pass by excruciatingly slowly at times, but if you don’t pause to look up, it can also fly by in the blink of an eye.  September — a new season of TV shows, the end of others (and really, that is to say #BreakingBad, which has been on an AMAZING run). 

In some ways, as I’ve commented to others as well, I feel as if 2013 has been some what of a wash — when I look back on it, I’m not sure what exactly I’ve accomplished.  And some times, that can be a fearful thing to admit — it’s one thing to bring it up in conversation with friends, another to post it on a (semi-) public blog like this one, and completely different still to admit it to yourself (which is the hardest yet).   It’s not to say that I accomplished nothing, but I think … it’s more the intent of how things are done. I’ve always been one who’s been comfortable with ambiguity and taking the course of serendipity, but at the same time, there’s a growing part of me who firmly believes in shaping one’s destiny / future as well.  After all, life ultimately is more about creating yourself than it is about finding yourself. 

In the grand scheme of things, nine months may not be much — a drop in the ocean against the many moons that you ultimately live out. But it’s not insubstantial either — in nine months, you complete the cycle of giving birth to an entirely new life,  you can teach yourself a new language — and then some, you can train to run a marathon … the list can go on.  

And so, I suppose in this last stretch of 2013, as the title suggests, I think it’s time to lay out some intention. In this case, the form will be goals, committed to text.  In the day to day, it’s far too easy to forget (for me) some of the bigger questions at hand, and so here goes — goals to help live with intention to end 2013: 


– Improve my Chinese (translate one article at least once every two weeks)
– Obtain basic proficiency of Portuguese
– Read one book in French


– Write weekly. I’d love to get this to be a daily habit but will write one thought-out blog post a week on a subject matter I care about on my public site
– Help break down and analyze the following topics:

1) China’s Third Plenum in November
2) The role of brands in defining culture — brands in owning share of culture
3)  Brazil’s changing economy and social values — communities in transition and the balance between tradition and progress
4) Profile three entrepreneurs and cover their stories in depth (a la New Yorker style)


– Fully run six miles/hour
– Watch diet more closely (in terms of type of food intake) — Eat fruit daily


– Fully immerse myself in a country for a month (done — this one is kind of a freebie as I’ll be in Sao Paulo  / Brazil for all of November) 


Read three more books (haven’t determined what they will be yet). 

Books finished to date:

– The Power of Habit
– Quiet
– The Paris Wife
– The Name of the Wind


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One response to “Q4 Goals

  1. Hi friend!!! =) I got your email, and have been meaning to reply. But life has been busy. =( I’m behind on my blog as well, hee hee.

    DO YOU RUN TOO? Oh my gosh! How awesome. I’ve been running, though it’s been mostly neglected this past month. Work, home, family…it’s hard to find time before the sun is set. I love your goals. I wish I could try to reach them with you together. =)
    I’ll reply soon. But in the meantime, if I don’t before you’re off to Sao Paolo, have a wonderful time – what are you doing there? (like I said, I’m behind with the times! ^_^)

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