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what i miss

miss writing. 

just sitting down and letting fingers fly across the keyboard driven by some miraculous connection between neurons from the mind and heart to ten digits that sit on my hands.  the other day i paused and found myself in august. AUGUST of 2013. more than half a year come and gone.  i thought about the physical distances traveled this year and more importantly, the internal ones. were they mere distances of running around in circles, or something more? 

like most things, physical distances are the simplest to track with sound, tangible data. if only there were “frequent flyer miles” to track the journeys that your mind made from the wee hours of the morning to the sparkling twinkle of dusk. how would you quantify it then?  do loops around the block weigh as much as leaps from one space to another? and how do you track backward movement as compared with forward? 

i miss writing in its ability to quantify the unseen. to help piece together data points that no database can ever help you churn out other than listening to the calmness of your mind in the quietest of seconds.  



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