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what i think about when i think about writing

writing does not come easily to me.

really writing is a struggle that involves numerous fresh documents, as if each ctrl (command)+n will magically result in a fresh new slate of ideas, a fresh new perspective in grappling with a story that has been stewing and cooking for hours within your mind.

but yet, it’s in writing that i often find myself working out those kinks — not always in the finer nuances of language, but in the framing and positioning of a story, of blurred lines. depending on what i set out to write, it forces me to be decidedly deliberate about the set of words chosen. of how they are introduced, one before the other.

but most importantly, it is through writing that you discover the tangents and the tangled webs we weave. and like a maze, one story leads you to the next, and impresses on you how delicately intricate and interconnected everything is, from the way gaming shapes the way kids grow up to the environmental impact of conferences like rio+20. you’ll start out looking at increased economic activity in one city and discover that it’s really a story about changing weather patterns. or old stories that have re-emerged.

so what is writing really? it is as much about discovery as it is communicating. it’s but another step in helping build that experience and capture that moment, that idea, that emotion, and help crystalize it in time.


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