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you’re a fatalist?” mused a friend at lunch the other day.

no, not really i thought to myself and answered that i simply believed in serendipity.

fatalism always seemed so grim and morbid to me, and the whole not having free will concept has never settled too well with me. perhaps it is the idealistic side of me that prefers looking at the glass half full that causes me to forget the times when things turn out less than ideal (a convenient flaw to have at times), but i do remember those times when things just randomly seem to work out, or at the very least, leads to random experiences that become memories.

i wonder if that also leads to selective memory, and perhaps, it is time that i place more weight on my own doing, than that of anything else. timing, you too can be such a serendipitous occurrence.



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Does Twitter finally have a revenue model?

Twitter's Business Model? - Screen Shot

As I was scanning my Twitter feed today, I noticed something slightly different on the trending topics column — a small “Promoted” button was next to ‘Scott Pilgrim’ (which I have now learned is a graphic novel). Has Twitter finally decided on a business model in a move that will take advertising social as well?

According to the official Twitter support page, promoted tweets will include “displaying relevant Promoted Tweets in your timelines in a way that is useful to you.” I think part of what make Twitter’s latest move incredibly powerful — not to mention profitable — is that it puts viral marketing almost completely in the hands of its users. Tweeters, you are now the world’s latest copywriters.

Twitter also emphasized that these tweets will be made relevant to you, the end users — how? Will there be algorithms scanning for promoted tweets nearest to you, and delivering it to you in whatever your chosen language is? Will there be Twitter crawlers searching for key words that will give a glimpse of who you are and find tweets most relevant to you (can you imagine the reaction of “boy who cried privacy” critics here?)?

While the whole Twitter rank by number of retweets in trending topics still applies, I wonder if advertisers will also be able to self-select tweets they want to promote as well — tweets that tell different facets of the story in <140 characters.

And as someone who loves seeing the convergence of business, social media, and the non-profit worlds, I wonder how non-profits and social enterprises can get in on the game (and how many will) — while we always have trending topics like “haiti” and “chile” and “iran”  when disaster strikes, it would be great to have different causes/organizations featured in times of relative calm as well. Since all tweets are organic from Twitter users, there would at least be some kind of existing traction out there that could just use that extra boost to gain some notice amidst all the #justinbieber and #twilight tweets out there.  Could this be something a could potentially pursue …?

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