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english language media’s newest players

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about the future of media, and what reporting truly means on a granular level in this day and age — particularly when it comes to the ever-hovering issue of the US and China.  Despite an unsuccessful bid by China’s Southern Daily Group to acquire Newsweek, I think it is very telling in and of itself where media may be headed next in a world that is duked out as much on soft power as it is on hard power. And China, where the words “宣传” (xuanchuan) are equally used to describe propaganda and marketing/PR, perhaps recognizes this more keenly than anyone else.

By now, it is no secret that China is making increasingly proactive efforts to expand their English-language media influence and it is a fact that Western media publications like Newsweek (and the NYTimes) will have to learn to live with whether or not they like it. How this battle of the pen and pixel will play out, however, is a different story.

While the public and media have been critical of overall Chinese media practices, what is equally troubling is the level of bias that exists in its Western counterparts (think NYTimes coverage of Tibet, Xinjiang, Internet regulation, etc.) that rather than projecting a balanced voice / playing field, seems to be growing only more divergent.

What WOULD happen if a publication like Newsweek were to be acquired, or vice-versa if someone like the Hearst corporation were to acquire the likes of Southern Daily? I can only begin to imagine the challenges — but the optimist in me is also excited about the opportunities — that perhaps, finally, there can begin a more balanced (or at least somewhat of a balanced semblance) dialogue between the two countries. Having worked in both worlds, it’s amazing how different the approaches can be, even when the finished products seem to closely mirror each other when it’s reflected in print (some times).

What are your thoughts?

(as always, the views presented here are expressly my own and are in no way affiliated with any of the publications or organizations i work for)


edit: See the WSJ’s latest article on Xinhua’s move into Times Square


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que sera sera

… seems to be the headline of life these days.

i don’t want to be just another name, another number, another girl.

i want to be a(n epic) story.

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earlier this week, i attended my brother’s high school graduation at my own alma mater. to think that only seven years ago, i was in his seat, at the end of one milestone, but knowing that the adventure was just beginning. a fresh slate, in the most literal sense of the word, where your past achievements were replaced with new possibilities and where you were to once again become a stranger in a sea of many.

i wasn’t sure what college and leaving suburbia would really mean, especially for my sheltered suburban life, but i knew it would be different, filled with its challenges, but most certainly, filled with its share of adventures, epiphanies, and opportunities. instead of late nights in the back room and after school tennis practice, i imagined late nights in tea shops and movie nights in lounges (yes, i was a very innocent idealistic child :)). more than anything, i wanted to explore – i wanted to push my own boundaries and i wanted to come into my own being.

college didn’t disappoint.

in a way, it was a way of coming full circle. i found myself exploring my roots and my heritage more than ever, and even went back to the country i left when i was a toddler to study and to observe, sparking a relationship that continues to this day. a struggle to truly find and keep faith led me to the conclusion that perhaps defined religion wasn’t for me at this point in my life. it helped me realize the values and end-goals i always somehow knew were there – an appetite for adventure, compassion, and service.

next year will mark the four year point from my graduation from college – it will mean that i have spent as much time outside the university as i have spent within its halls. the majority of that time will still be within a 10 mile radius. but within that radius i feel like there have been worlds that have been opened up, in more ways than one. people {including myself} continue to surprise me and like the old saying goes, the only constant is change itself …


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“the small things in life”

Aigiolos Hotel - Santorini

a friend posted this picture and labeled it as “goal #425”  — not a bad goal to have.

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