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quitting / starting – journeys into the self-employed unknown

about two months ago (where does the time go?!), i quit my job … to write. i think my very traditionally value-systems based asian parents deserve some sort of medal for actually letting me go through with this even though i’m pretty sure (actually 100% positive) that it’s induced more than a few *this is almost as bad as her dropping out of school to become a pan-handler living on the mean streets of sf and often seen tossed out of bars before noon* moments.

and well, to be 100% honest, some times i’m not sure whether or not that was the right decision. my mom jokingly calls it being “wa qing” — having a good thing (in this case, a nice, stable career that provided a decent paycheck and promises of steadily growing paychecks going forward) and not recognizing it (especially in this economy). i’ve never been the most disciplined person and this whole experience has been, at times, trying.

when you have a full-time job and freelancing, you have the “i don’t have enough time” excuse on your side. when you’re sitting in coffee shops contemplating the nuanced differences between oregon chai and spiced chai, you no longer have the luxury of those excuses.

traditionally, the japanese have gone through their careers as a lifetime calling — the cradle to the grave mentality where the company takes care of you, and in exchange, you provide your undying (figuratively) loyalty. in the u.s., and particularly in the entrepreneurial-drenched culture of silicon valley, that idea is a little more foreign. and which is better? who is to say but to each their own.

as for myself, in spite of the momentary “grass is always greener on the other side” mental splashes, the experience has been exciting. thinking about life, what you aim to accomplish, jotting down the meanderings of you and those around you, seeing opportunities come, learning to deal with uncertainty and changes — it is the type of challenge and definitive paradigm-building that i have been craving.

with that said, if you have any writing / consulting work or leads, let me know! or if you have any gems of wisdom and advice to share, that would be fantastic as well 🙂 that and if you ever need a cafe-mate to contemplate all the different types of chai and tea, i’m your girl.



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