fresh starts.

20-10 … new year, new decade.

maybe it’s a bad precedent but i made no resolutions this year. i figured that whatever may come may come. and since what i had started out thinking i would do this year is now being questioned, i suppose it’s not such a bad precedent after all.

the cliche goes that two heads are better than one and that there is wisdom in crowds. as a believer in crowd-sourcing, perhaps i should put this theory to test, and yes, you guessed right — i would love to have you, my dear readers, to help me make the next decision 🙂

as some of you may know, i’ve recently decided to leave my current career in pursuit of a new path that will allow me more directly apply my interests. as i stand now at a fork in the road, i’m curious to see what others would do:

on one hand you have an opportunity to do something that may lead you to find your professional zen in  a role that is both exciting and new, and on the other hand, you have the abstract form of future opportunities that may be even more well-suited and perhaps most importantly, the absolute freedom of being able to pick up and move. which would you choose? (upon re-reading, perhaps this is a question more of risk aversion vs. risk seeking but still, i’m curious)

over the years, i’ve realized that the wanderlust spirit is a double-edged sword; while it creates a constant state of wonderment, it always makes you wonder what hills may lie yonder and what stories those unturned stones may yield. i have to admit that there are days where i miss the singular focused girl intent on being a doctor who somehow ended up never taking another biology/chemistry class past senior year of high school. perhaps singular focus, like faith, is a gift i have not (yet) been given.


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  1. lei

    As I see it, life is a balance between what one gets and what one gives. To get, one absorbs existing knowledge and explores different experiences, from which s/he derives much pleasure. To give, one needs to be focused for an extended period of time, which could potentially monotonize life, to create new knowledge or wealth, and in return s/he gets material rewards and a sense of fulfillment. I see the necessity of adopting a trade-off here, and I wish to spend my life in various adventures with the unifying theme of seeking truth and kindness.

    BTW, based on your description your final choice cannot be a wrong one whichever you choose. =)

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