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how to lose {prospective} students

dear j-school,

i’m sure you mean no ill will but you’ve reminded me again just how important the way a message is communicated can be. you could have told me the same thing in similar terms and still retained my general feeling of goodwill. instead, your lack of initial communication added with your combative, rude, and slightly offensive e-mail tones that follow leave so much to be desired.

students — current and prospective — are your clients. for an institute that emphasizes communication above all else, perhaps it is time to take a cool appraisal of the communication and the message you send to your own stakeholders.


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change & purpose

I haven’t considered myself a religious person for awhile but I’ve always loved this verse:

From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked. (Luke 12:48b)

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fresh starts.

20-10 … new year, new decade.

maybe it’s a bad precedent but i made no resolutions this year. i figured that whatever may come may come. and since what i had started out thinking i would do this year is now being questioned, i suppose it’s not such a bad precedent after all.

the cliche goes that two heads are better than one and that there is wisdom in crowds. as a believer in crowd-sourcing, perhaps i should put this theory to test, and yes, you guessed right — i would love to have you, my dear readers, to help me make the next decision 🙂

as some of you may know, i’ve recently decided to leave my current career in pursuit of a new path that will allow me more directly apply my interests. as i stand now at a fork in the road, i’m curious to see what others would do:

on one hand you have an opportunity to do something that may lead you to find your professional zen in  a role that is both exciting and new, and on the other hand, you have the abstract form of future opportunities that may be even more well-suited and perhaps most importantly, the absolute freedom of being able to pick up and move. which would you choose? (upon re-reading, perhaps this is a question more of risk aversion vs. risk seeking but still, i’m curious)

over the years, i’ve realized that the wanderlust spirit is a double-edged sword; while it creates a constant state of wonderment, it always makes you wonder what hills may lie yonder and what stories those unturned stones may yield. i have to admit that there are days where i miss the singular focused girl intent on being a doctor who somehow ended up never taking another biology/chemistry class past senior year of high school. perhaps singular focus, like faith, is a gift i have not (yet) been given.

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options are nice but having too many can some times result in a crippling effect

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a new year wish

to the man who collapsed next to me this morning,

i hope you’re doing better now and got to wherever you’re going okay. i hope that this year will see the beginnings of a successful implementation of a healthcare plan where you won’t be scared of going to the emergency room and get the treatment you need. through you, i have been reminded both of humanity’s kindness and apathy.

with love and best wishes for the new decade,

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