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to write love

as i sit in front the computer, back after only a mere 10 hours away, i wonder if it’s really worth it.  can my add/scattered personality really focus on any one given task at hand?

at times like this, i’ll think of the possibilities that exist in a life/year or two years dedicated to the art of storytelling through ink&images. everything really does take practice, and there are days when i sit down in front of my screen, knowing that 1,000 words need to magically transpire by the end of it, and nothing hits. as if someone had come and taken out any ounce of creativity or non-pre-formulated structural thought out of my mind and bottled it up. i wouldn’t even call it the lack of the “genius” strike as elizabeth gilbert described it — just a sense of pure void in simple motor skills.

so the heading really had nothing to do with where the post actually went …


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intelligent people

i think it’s no secret by now that i have a weak spot for smart people. i think one of the best things about part of my work has been talking to so many interesting people in different areas that all have had something to teach, and at times, which can be surprisingly profound and unassuming. more than intelligence in the dictionary definition of the word, the human spirit’s ability to overcome tribulation and trial is one that we can all learn from.

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the “right” path

i’ve realized … there really is no right path, only your own path. to listen to the song of songs that hums from your heart when the night is quietest. if we only pursue success based on the formulas that have been laid out for us, we’d end up with a bunch of robots.

perhaps it is time to take the road less traveled, or perhaps more aptly, as a wise friend pointed out, to simply look at it through different lenses.


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