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A toast to a new year …

2008 – you started out destined to be extraordinary. You started out with the responsibilities of the most crucial U.S. presidential elections on your watch, with a historic and controversial Olympics in your wake, and you proved to be a monumental year. A year of tears and sorrow as natural disasters ravaged the lands of the Earth, a year of firsts as you captured our attention with record-breaking shows of athleticism and crumbling barriers, a year of inspiration and renewed hope as the world watched at what is only probable in the United States, a year of unprecedented change as we watched once-formidable institutions crumble, a year that is ending as controversially as the events that have contributed to its whole, a year that ends on a note of mixed optimism, fear, hope, and uncertainty.

2009 – I am even more hopeful for you.  Despite all the challenges that lie ahead of us as a collective whole, I can’t wait to see what kind of solutions we come up with. I hope that you will usher in a new generation of enthusiastic collaborators and on the political and international relations front, the shaping of a new system that emphasizes both hard and soft powers. I look forward to you as a new year in continuing to build upon shared values and cultures. I pray that you will bring further understanding between the conflicting parties throughout the world.

On the technology front, I hope you will be a year of substantial innovations. In the weakening of an old system, I hope the next 365 days will bring about new technologies and breakthroughs that will help build a new one. Especially in the area of sustainable technologies, I look forward to the further advancements in green technology, in sustainable development, and a more environmentally-conscious public.

2009 – I’m sure that you will hold plenty of surprises for us — both good and bad. But here’s to another year, a start of more beginnings, a continuation of what’s begun, and the end to stories that give way to the new.



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best quote i’ve heard in awhile

“kill off all my demons, and my angels may die too.” –transsiberian

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wintry days …

7 more days till Christmas. Yikes. That means exactly two weeks till 2009 — oh-nine. craziness.

feels like time just melts together now … remember when we used to think that graduating in ’07 sounded so … foreign? i guess that’s the thing with time … and life … it’ll pass you so quickly, with or without you realizing it.

the weather has been changing so quickly from temperate california to icicle-freezing cold these days; makes it ever the more harder to get up in the mornings, but i guess it’ll be the closest thing to a “white christmas” in these parts … 🙂

recently, life has been filled with quality time with friends, some alone time with my kitchen, remote, and hot tea, and work. the latter has actually kept me behind schedule (very behind schedule) on all the christmas shopping/letter&card writing i need to do … 😛 that, and of course, procrastinating on things that need to get done — like studying.

i even tried to go to the cute little cafe a few blocks away, but alas, i guess everyone else had the same idea that day. all the good ones always get taken so quickly 🙂

anyway, this is a really random post — but i guess it’s a really random hour right now as well.

in other news, anyone have favorite baking recipes to share? 🙂

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