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“embrace” life

Every year, 20 million premature and low-birth-weight infants are born. Eighty percent of these babies are born in developing countries, and more than 3.5 million of them die before they reach their first birthdays. Those who survive are more often than not left with a lifelong set of health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and low IQ. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of these babies and their families, the traditional incubators that would be necessary to keep these infants alive and healthy cost thousands of dollars these same families lack. Fortunately, with Embrace — the $25 incubator — this no longer needs to be the case.

Intuitive to use, and easily transportable, the Embrace design uses hot water, a thermal strip, and phase change material to keep a specially designed sleeping bag at a constant 37 degrees Celsius for up to four hours. This simple device addresses the issue that traditional incubators primarily focus on — keeping newborns warm at a constant temperature.

Why am I telling you all this? Other than the fact that it is an scalable and sustainable venture with an admirable vision, it is also one of this year’s Top 25 American Express Members projects. Essentially, what American Express has done is to create a program which allows its cardmembers to decide where funds should be distributed. The top project receives $1.5 million in funding towards their vision.

If you are an American Express cardholder, please go here to vote for the project that you are most passionate about. Perhaps it will be this amazing $25 incubator, or it may be the vision that seeks to light the way for Africa, or fund literacy. Regardless, I highly encourage you to learn more about Embrace and this group’s amazing vision.


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san francisco

as many of you may know, i’ve recently made the move from the east bay to san francisco. it’s only been a less than a week and already i miss berkeley. but i’m really excited about my new life in sf as well.  it’s such a beautiful city and i love the fact that there is always something to do, and that people are so open to trying new things. it’s a culture that truly embraces diversity beyond just rhetoric, and that i think, is something that is not always easy to find in such a large metropolis.

while my commute has not become significantly shorter, it definitely has become easier. i never realized how much of a hassle it really was to have to worry about transfering buses, running to catch bart, etc. now i can just hop on and read until it drops me off a couple blocks from work.

so yes, please do say hello if you’re in the neighborhood 🙂

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palin, palin, palin …

thank you, sarah palin, for showing me who my vote should go to in november. thank you, sarah palin, for shedding light on what the next four years could be, and what the next four years SHOULD be.

i have always been an admirer of john mccain because he seemed to represent something that i believe washington — and any competitive nation — desparately needs. someone who IS his own person, who answers to his own morals, someone who i could trust to try to do the right thing and thinks with the heart as much as he/she thinks with the mind.

in spite of obama’s eloquence, inspirational nature, and sheer charisma, that was the one trump card i felt mccain held over obama.

with sarah palin, however, all doubts were removed as to who should be the next president — barack obama.

i admire her for being ambitious and adding more cracks in that glass ceiling that clinton had already chiseled away at with 18 million of her own. i admire her for being a spirited individual who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and isn’t scared to get her hands dirty.

what i don’t agree with, however, is this overconfidence in religion to go so far as to say that the iraqi war was an “act of god.” to go so far as to say that humans are helpless and are unaccountable in the face of global warming.

these are fundamental issues that will inevitably underscore the pulse of the nation, the pulse of the world, in the foreseeable future. we NEED a president who understands the urgency of a collaborative world, despite differences in ideologies and faith. we need a president who understands that seeking alternative energy sources is an imperative, and that global warming is no joke.

i know there have been so many accusations thrown at sarah palin since her nomination about her questionable and ruthless methodologies, but i don’t really care as much about palin’s tactics in getting to where she is today, because i also recognize that in politics, nothing is truly as ideal as the rhetoric that echoes from our television sets. rather, for a future potential vice president who can be so naive and so singularly minded on issues as crucial as global warming, as the environment, as global collaboration and foreign affairs — particularly with the middle east — is something that i find particularly frightening.

and to the republicans, perhaps it is time to stop with the blatantly ugly politicking and campaigning and duke it out honorably with the “angry Left.”

sorry, john – nothing personal, but you lost me when you took on palin.

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