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olympian of the day (year)

michael phelps, is in one word, amazing.

i am impressed by not only his talent, but his determination, focus, and sheer willpower.



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what a great day it will be … 🙂

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excel monkeys

so, as some of you have noted, i’ve neglected my wordpress for awhile because instead, my attention has been focused mainly between excel, online databases, and microsoft word. yes, the exciting life out of a “dilbert” comic strip.

i do, however, love excel.

so compatible with my geeky side and these days, few things have been more satisfying and endorphin-inducing than watching beautiful formulas populate mass quantities of data into one sheet.

and now, back to monkeying around on excel ….

hopefully, this statement will return “true” =if(“work ends<12 a.m.”, “:)”, “><“)

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