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All this talk of recession, job losses, and instability got me to think how lucky we, in the U.S., really are.

True – we face times of uncertainty as the economic landscape takes a slump for what appears to be getting worse by the day (although it sometimes feels like the little SF bubble here is completely recession proof with skyrocketing rent and new restaurant openings around every corner). Yet if you have a college degree from the States, it is almost guaranteed that you will always be in demand for one job (whether or not you want it, or will be good at it, is another story) — teaching English.

By any measure, English is still the most in-demand language today. Granted Chinese is quickly becoming more widely studied (take world financier Jim Collins and his decision to move to Singapore, for example), English is widely sought after at levels that are incomparable in other countries. For the wander-lust souls in the post-college group, there is always the option of going to basically any country in Asia and South America to teach English to aspiring youth and professionals. What other language skill affords you that kind of flexibility?

So yes, how lucky we are …


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facebook keeps calling me fat

Is it just me, or does facebook seem to have a disproportionate amount of ads that feature titles like “how i got skinny” or “22 and overweight?” That, and promoting more online matchmaking. I wonder if the “22” changes according to each person’s profile. If that’s the case, how much IS facebook really releasing to third parties? hmm.

While the very fact that I’m posting a blog post about it may mean they’re onto something, the converse fact that it’s a rather big turn-off may indicate that it may be time for facebook to rethink its online ad strategy (not saying that I represent the average facebook user but I think that people generally don’t like to be constantly told they’re overweight :P)

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… is

loving home, missing friends, wishing for more time, hopeful, excited about playing with more little sea creatures 🙂

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